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List of plants in the botanical garden on Kitchener Island, Aswan, Egypt

Figs, sycamores, date palms (native to island).

Timber trees: African Khaya, Mahogany, Teak, Ebony, Terminallia, Tamarindus, Poinciniana, Camphor, Minbosia (Java Plum), Tamerix, Neem, Oak, Basia, Capok, Bauhinia, Bombax, Sissoo, Red Sandalwood Tree, Nephedium

Fruit crops: jackfruit, spondias, garcinia, eugenia with its spices, loquat, papaya, avocado, mango, citrus fruits, white sapote, chinese or common jujube, sapote, longan tree, guava, date palm, starfruit, fig

Spice crops: cinnamon tree, mastic tree, black pepper, red pepper

Medical and odiferous plants: pudding pipe tree (Cassia fistula), desert date, aux, vomica, jatropha (physic nut), anato, ixora, sophora, rose, pink, jasmine, murraea (orange jessamine), henna, Couronpita guianensis

Fibre products: kapok, bombax and chorisia

– From the descriptive billboard at the entrance to the garden.

Some fun facts:

Did you know that the white sapote is frost and freeze tolerant and produces a fruit that is “sweet and soft like custard“, which some people find horribly bitter and others find not bitter at all?

That the fig is distantly related to the mulberry, is pollinated by insects and has sap that contains copious milky latex irritating to human skin?

That the jujube (Ziziphus jujuba), which has been cultivated for more than 4,000 years in China, has shiny bright green leaves with two spines at the base of each one, some hooked and others long daggers?

And that the nephelium, aka the rambutan tree, is related to the lychee and has equally delicious fruit (except for the species with fruit so sour even monkeys won’t eat them), and seeds that are poisonous when eaten raw but apparently good when roasted?


No wobbegong sharks here: instead, how to poach an egg

So I woke up this morning and thought that I felt like a poached egg on toast for breakfast. Being possessed of no clue how to make a poached egg, I turned to Google and found this goldmine, complete with pictures. Here’s to Rob Manuel for having the time and inclination to try every known method of egg poaching, obsessively photographing the trials, and posting the results online for the benefit of all humans.


(credit to Rob Manuel for the picture)

The first post…

…is extremely dull and hopefully not an indication of what the rest of this blog will be like. I think the name says it all. In case it does not, this miscellany will be a collection of things: lists, important information, useful information, interesting information, random information. Anything and everything that I think other people should know for whatever reason. Mainly because it tickles my fancy.

Next time, be on the lookout for wobbegong sharks.