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A List of Important Things That Everyone Should Know

It has been a while since I wrote anything, but I was thinking the other day that all schoolchildren ought to be taught certain Important Facts that will help them throughout their lives. And I thought a good place to begin a List of Important Things That Everyone Should Know would be here. So here goes:

  • what to do to avoid being struck by lightning (i.e., where’s the safest place to be if caught in a thunderstorm while walking in a park? (a) a covered gazebo; (b) the lawn; (c) under a tree; (d) in the fountain. If you guessed (a) you’re wrong—someone I know was just struck by lightning in exactly this situation. I don’t know the answer though. Check back later.)
  • what to do in case of various kinds of fires (i.e., cooking, electrical, gasoline, arson)
  • why the sky is blue
  • basic first aid
  • which pills should never be taken with alcohol

That’s all for now. I will add more as they come to me. And then begin to find the answers (and include them in later posts).


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