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Fun flag facts

The Maple Leaf

The Great Canadian Flag Debate began on 15 June 1964, when the Prime Minister announced his plans for a new flag. Since 1867, when Canada officially became a country, it had flown either the union jack or a Canadian variant thereof. But a 1958 poll found that 80% of Canadians wanted a flag of their own, and 60% of them wanted it to have a maple leaf.

3,541 Canadians submitted designs for the new flag, most of them red, white, and blue. 2,136 of the flag designs included maple leaves; 408 had Union Jacks; 389 had beavers; 359 had fleurs de lys.

The red and white Maple Leaf flag was unanimously chosen by the 15-member special flag committee on 22 October 1964.

The Union Jack

The British union jack is made up of three flags superimposed on one another:

the cross of St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland;

the cross of St. George, patron saint of England;

and the cross of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland.

The Welsh flag isn’t included in the union jack because Wales was already united with England when the flag was designed. This is really too bad, because the Welsh flag has a cool dragon on it that would look great on top of all those crosses.

People from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have very strong opinions about the union jack.


Canadian flags graphic (c) Wikipedia


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